Dear friends!

We are glad to introduce you one of the biggest regional centers of Ukraine, the city of shipbuildersdockers, and machine builders, the city of the studentship, the city of brides.

Thousands of Mykolaiv citizens protect and increase our city reputation due to the work and production of our enterprises, the quality of teaching, prominent intellectual, scientific and technical achievements, the talent of agriculturalists and businessmen.

The names of enterprises, pride of Ukrainian industry, are known to a lot of businessmen and governments all over the world. They are: “Mykolaiv Alumina Plant” Ltd, SE “Gas Turbine Research and Production Complex “Zorya”-“Mashproekt”, Agricultural LLC “Nibulon”, CJSC Lactalis-Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv branch of PSC “Sun InBev Ukraine”. We are sure, the part of their success at the business meetings at capital and international levels is provided with the worthy reputation of our city – the Southern industrial center of Ukraine. Entrepreneurship is actively developed in the city.

Our native land gives the world a lot of famous persons. The names of Mykolaiv sportsmen, scientists, politicians and cultural figures have become symbolic for the whole country. Due to these citizens of Mykolaiv our country and city names are written in dozens of languages, sound for many people of all nations.

Mykolaiv is open for partnership and cooperation and ready for the investment. We meet with pleasure everybody, who wants to increase our city prosperity. Mykolaiv citizens are famous for their hospitality, and glad to see everybody, who comes to us with good and friendly intentions.

Welcome to Mykolaiv.


1. Name of the city: Mykolaiv



2. Administrative system: city council

Mykolaiv is divided into administrative-territorial units - administrative districts, which have their borders, territory and titles: Zavodskyi, Korabelnyi, Leninskyi and Central districts. They are created for comfortable service of the property and natural complexes of the city. Borders, configurations and sizes of the city districts are determined according to their historical, geographical and architectural features, quantity of population, economic characteristics, availability of engineering infrastructure and the city environment. Every district is divided into micro-districts, which are defined according to social and architectural characteristics.

Authorities responsible for the investment projects implementation:


- Economy and Investments Department of Mykolaiv City Council - +38 (0512) 37-43-97; Head of the Department – Shulichenko Tetiana;

- Industry and Investments Section of the Economy and Investments Department - +38 (0512) 37-07-18; Head of the section – Miahkova Julia;

- Housing and Communal Services Department of Mykolaiv City Council – +38 (0512) 53-77-11, 47-27-71; Deputy head of the Department – Tsatsuk Oleksandr.

3. History of the city

Mykolaiv was founded in 1789 by the Duke Grygorii Potyomkin at the place of the Southern Bug and the Ingul rivers junction. By the time of receiving of the official status, our city was named very decently - shipyard on the Inhul River, because it was placed in the mouth of the Inhul River, where it flows into the Bugskyi estuary. The date of founding of the New Shipyard, later on Mykolaiv, is April, 27, 1789. It got its name in a year after the victorious attack of Ochakiv by the Russian army under the leadership of Generalissimo Oleksandr Suvorov. Ochakiv fell in December 1788, on the holiday of St. Nicholas, the patron of sailors, so the new town was named in its honor. The first church built in the town in 1790, as well as the first ship are also connected with the name of St. Nicholas. The city was built according to the special drawings of the famous Russian architect Ivan Starov – with straight streets and blocks of regular shape.

The town life was totally devoted to shipbuilding and fleet. For almost a century it was the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Naval Fleet.

The opening of the commercial port in 1862 enhanced the town’s transformation to a big merchant port. This fact found its reflection in the city’s coat of arms that was approved in 1883 and restored in 1997. By the end of 19th century the Mykolaiv port foreign trade turnover grew to make it the third biggest after Petersburg and Odessa, and the biggest in the country by exporting grains that were supplied from the steppe regions.

Within the historically short period of time the city transformed from a small shipyard to a big industrial, business, political and cultural center of the Southern Ukraine. Since "Saint Nicholas" launching, more than two thousand warships and other vessels have been built on Mykolaiv three shipyards, among them frigates, battleships, torpedo boats, submarines etc.

imageIn the postwar years Mykolaiv was one of the biggest shipbuilding centers in the USSR. At the present time the ships are built at three shipyards – Chernomorskyi shipyard, 61 Communards shipyard and shipyard “Ocean”.

Today Mykolaiv is a developed industrial center on the south of Ukraine, administrative center of Mykolaiv region. It is divided into four administrative and territorial units – administrative districts, which have own borders, territory and names.

4. Natural and geographical potential

Mykolaiv covers an area of 260 km2 (1,1% of the regional territory). It is situated on the south of Ukraine.

To the natural vegetation belong the motley (wormwood, tansy) - fescue-grass vegetation, mastitis pilose, kostenets umbrella frequent, freckle spring, chickweed tymenolysta, Shrenka tulip, hyacinth white, cornflower, Skrobyshevskoho osier bed, couch grass, foxtail, sedge, bulrush, Romance. Typical are maples, sycamine, maple, walnut, hawthorn, wild rose, dereza, etc. Continental (warm and moderately dry) climate with the average temperature + 10 C is typical for the city. Typical: long, hot, rainless summer, short warm autumn, short little snowfall winter, early and warm spring. The average air temperature in January - 2,5 C below zero, in July - 23,9 C above zero. The absolute maximum +40,1 C above zero, the absolute minimum - -30 C below zero.

5. Resources and raw potential

Water Resources: the Inhul river, the Southern Buh river, the Dnipro-Buh estuary. In the city borders there are 17 objects of natural and protected fund, which total area is 1184 ha (4,5% of the city territory).

6. Borders:

Mykolaiv borders on Novoodeskyi district in the north, on Zhovtnevyi district in the south-east, on Mykolaivskyi district in the north-west.

7. Settlements

The city of Mykolaiv is an administrative centre of Mykolaiv region. It is situated in 490 km south-east from Kyiv; 120 km from Odessa; 60 km from the Black Sea at the junction of the Buh estuary and the Inhul river.

8. Population of the city

By December 1, 2015 the population of Mykolaiv has made up 494.8 thousands of people (42.5% of the regional population). During 2014 the number of residents has decreased  on 159 people.

The amount of unemployed persons in the city by the end of December 2014 has made up 3754 persons.

The density of population is 1905 persons per km2.

The average age of population is 41,2 years.

The average monthly wages in Mykolaiv in 2014 was 3344,37 UAH.

According to the diagram the largest share of population is engaged in industrial production (53500 persons).

9. Gas , water, and heat supply

Gas supply. The city is supplied with gas on 87,6 %.

The natural gas is installed with gas pipelines of a total length of 7500 km. 330 000 flats, industrial plants, objects of communal and household purpose are supplied with gas.

Water supply:

  • 1190,2 km of water systems;
  • 19 wells;
  • 1 unit of water supply treatment facilities;
  • 2 units of sewage treatment facilities (Halytsynivski and Varvarivski sewage treatment facilities);
  • 177600 customers are supplied with water.

Sewage system: the sewage system has a length of 653.5 km, the sewage treatment facilities capacity is 104 000 m3 per day.

Heat supply.

The city territorial community is an owner of the integral property heat-and-power engineering complex. It includes 58 fixed boiler rooms, 19 furnace/boiler rooms with a heating capacity of 409, 629 Gcal per hour, 16 central heat supply stations and boiler houses, 82,9 thousand linear meters of heat networks that have been rented out to the regional communal enterprise “Mykolaivoblteploenergo” according to the resolution of Mykolaiv City Council.

The regional communal enterprise “Mykolaivoblteploenergo” has 7 heat supply districts, the centralized equipment repair workshop, the electrical workshop, the measuring equipment operation and repair department, the gas pipelines and gas-burning installations operation department, management, inspection and supply departments. There are 42 fixed boiler rooms of total heating capacity of 199,525 Gcal per hour, 54 central heat supply stations and boiler houses on the enterprise balance.

Open joint-stock company “Mykolaiv Heating and Power Station” is a source of a power supply that provides with heat and electricity the city. Its heating capacity is 410 Gcal per hour, its electrical capacity is 40 MW.

The main kind of fuel at the open joint-stock company “Mykolaiv Heating and Power Station” is natural gas. Mazut is used as a standby fuel. The basic equipment of the enterprises includes 4 power boilers, 3 water heat boilers and 3 turbogenerators.

The heat supply optimization system is worked out in the city.

Nowadays, one of the most actual issues of the city economy development is an energy-saving. Taking into account constantly increasing prices, high level of heating expenses, it is worth to take energy-saving measures. Local authorities work actively in this direction.

10. Roadway covering

There are 810 streets in the city. The total length of roads is 834,9 kilometers. There are no motor roads of state importance in the city. The length of the motor roads for general use is 834,9 kilometers, including 190,3 kilometers of earth roads, 137,3 kilometers of hard cover roads and 507,3 kilometers of improved roads (an asphalt).

11. Transport network

International transport corridors. Eurasian International Transport Corridor (Odesa – Mykolaiv - Kherson - Dzhankoi - Kerch) and Transport Corridor of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (Reni - Izmail - Odesa - Mykolaiv - Kherson - Melitopol - Berdiansk - Mariupol - Novoazovsk) pass through the city.

Motor roads. The motorway M-23 (Reni – Rostov-on-Don) passes through the city. It is connected with the motorwayA-276 via the motorway M-20 (Odesa – Kyiv- Homel). It also has the access to the motorway M-2 (Simferopol – Kharkiv – Moscow).

Rail Roads. Mykolaiv has a strong railway junction, which connects the region with other regions of Ukraine, CIS, and the world.image

Air transport. Communal enterprise “International Airport Mykolaiv”, Kulbakine airfield.

Water transport. There are three sea ports and one river port in the city. They are the following:

  • SE “Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port”;
  • SE Specialized Sea Port “Oktiabrsk”;
  • Sea Specialized Port “NIKA-TERA” Ltd;
  • SE “Mykolaiv River Port Subsidiary Company of UkrRechFlot”.

Mykolaiv ports are important parts of the city infrastructure. Mykolaiv ports are navigable all the year round. Every port of Mykolaiv has its own specific features and possibilities of cargo processing.

In SE Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port” general (metal production, scrap metals, technical equipments, cargoes in packages etc.) and bulk cargoes (oil products, coal, iron ore, pig-iron, phosphorites, grain crops) are processed. The separated specialized subdivision “Dnipro-Buhskyi” of SE “Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port” is an exclusive port in Ukraine, that is specialized in the bauxites processing.

In SE Specialized Sea Port “Oktiabrsk” box and piece cargoes (including cargoes that need special conditions of processing and keeping) are processed and kept. There are opportunities for the general cargoes and containers reloading in the port.

In Sea Specialized Port NIKA-TERA Ltd mineral fertilizers (potassium chloride,ammonium sulphate,carbamide, ammonium nitrate, diammonium phosphate, nitroammophos,phosphorites ) are transferred and kept.

SE “Mykolaiv River Port Subsidiary Company of UkrRechFlot processes mass export-import cargoes: metal, timber, coal, coke, scrap metal, iron ore concentrate, mineral-building cargoes, mineral fertilizers, agriculture production.

The network of local bus route with total length of 1530 kilometers is created in the city to satisfy the Mykolaiv citizens’ needs of passenger carriage. It includes 96 bus routes.

19 buses of high capacity, 183 buses of middle capacity and 1008 minibuses are used to service route network. It is used 1320 movable items including approximately 1250 movable items that work every day to service the route network. According to statistics the annual volume of passenger carriage in Mykolaiv is 94500 thousand passengers (259 thousand passengers per day).

12. Advanced Communications

The network of telephone long-haul, wire and mobile communication, the cable telecommunication systems, wire broadcasting, the remote control systems of enterprises and Internet are developed. The total length of cable telephone network is more than 6.4 thousand km with 12 channels of broadcast television, 3 cable television companies, the city municipal broadcasting company "MART" and the on-air broadcasting channels.

The mobile communication network is being developed in the city rapidly. 4 mobile operators have already operated: Kyivstar, MTS, "Beeline", «Life». Coverage of mobile communications in the city reaches 100%.

13. City infrastructure

The city infrastructure is well-developed. Trade, consumer services and public catering, supermarket network are also well-developed.

The population is serviced by:

  • more than 20 big department stores of total square of more than 100 thousand m2 (Among them: “Silpo”, “EKO-market”, “Furshet”, ”METRO Cash and Carry ”, “Tavriia V”, “Epitsentr”, “33 m2”, “Praktiker”, etc);
  • more than 2000 stores;
  • more than 800 catering facilities including restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, coffee houses;
  • 19 hotels and hotel-restaurant complexes. “Hotel Palace Ukraine”, “Continent”, “Metalurg”, “Oleksandrivskyi” are the biggest.

Finance and credit network of the city includes 23 bank branches. The main banks are: Raiffeisen Bank Aval, PrivatBank, Oshchadbank, State export-import bank, First Ukrainian International Bank PUMB, EnergoBank, Bank Forum, Pivdennyi Bank, Brokbusinessbank, Imeksbank. There are 21 insurance companies, branches and offices (ASKA, Garant-Auto, Incomstrakh, Ukreksimstrakh, Oranta, POCHO, PZU Ukraine etc.).

14. Peculiarities and competitive advantages of the city:

  • powerful industrial, scientific, labor potentials;
  • well-developed transport system (motor, water, air and railway transport);
  • developed sea and river ports (all year round navigation);
  • qualified labor force;
  • opportunity of the stuff retraining;
  • a lot of small enterprises;
  • free plots of land;
  • free production space of enterprises;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • experience of work with great foreign investors;
  • developed finance and credit institutions network;
  • teaching of foreign languages by local educational institutions (from primary schools to universities);
  • willingness of local authorities to cooperate.

15. Industry

Processing industry takes 79,2% in the structure of the realized industrial production volume, electricity, gas, steam, and conditioned air - 20,1%. A significant part in the realization volume belongs to metallurgy and manufacture of fabricated metal products, besides cars and equipment (30.1%), to machine-building, besides cars and equipment repairs and assembling (24, %), to foodstuffs and beverages (13,1%).

Implementation of industrial output  in 2010 - 2014 


According to the data of the Central Department of Statistics, the volume of realized industrial products (goods and services) comprised 12061.1 million UAH in 2014.

More than 50% of industrial products of Mykolaiv belongs to two most powerful companies: "Mykolaiv Alumina Plant" Ltd. and SE Gas Turbine Scientific Research and Production Complex "Zorya" - "Mashproekt".

 Industrial enterprises provide more than 90% of state gas turbine production (SE Gas Turbine Scientific Research and Production Complex "Zorya" - "Mashproekt"), 80% of alumina ("Mykolaiv Alumina Plant " Ltd.). A significant part in the volume of shipbuilding production of Ukraine belongs to Mykolaiv enterprises of shipbuilding sphere.

Among enterprises of light and processing industries the leading positions are taken by such companies as: Production-Trading Company "Velam" - manufacturer of spring and springless mattresses, technical textiles of TM "Nikoteks" bedroom accessories; firm "Angela" - the manufacturer of high-quality, elegant and comfortable lingerie that cooperates with famous foreign brands; "Kifa" Ltd. - the manufacturer of swimwear and knitted garments.

The main industrial enterprises of the city are the following:

Mykolaiv Alumina Plant Ltd. – is one of Europe's largest and most advanced enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy, equipped with a modern equipment. Main products: metallurgical alumina. It is certified with quality management system of international standard EN ISO 9001:2000.

SE "Shipyard named after 61 Communards” – is one of the largest shipbuilding enterprises in Ukraine. The various types of dry cargo ships (refrigerators, bulk carriers, container carriers), special vessels (rescue vessels, tugs, trawlers etc.) and also sips and vessels for Navy can be built on this shipyard, owing to the many years experience of workers. The technological and organizational capacities of the shipyard allow building of modern, highly efficient and reliable ships and vessels of all types and appointments.

State enterprise “Gas Turbine Scientific Research and Production Complex "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" – the CIS’ largest developer and manufacturer of ships and industrial gas turbine engines for the Navy, gas industry and power engineering, as well as gears with capacity up to 35 MW. The ISO 9001:2000 quality system has been implemented.

PJSC "Ekvator Plant"- the producer of wide range of air condensation and cooling equipment, conditioning and air depuration equipment for ships life support systems of all types and purposes.

NIBULON Ltd. - is the largest Ukrainian agricultural producer, national investor and grain trader. It has own cargo terminal, the most modern in Europe.

PTC “VELAM” – is one of the leading companies manufacturing nonwoven, mattresses and bedroom accessories, using only safe and high quality materials. The ISO 9001:2000 quality system was implemented.

Private JSC “Laktalis-Mykolaiv” produces about 140 kinds of dairy products of the TM “President”, the daily shipping in sales network is 140-160 tons of products.

Mykolaiv branch of Private JSC "SUN InBev Ukraine” – is a leading enterprise on Ukrainian beer market. It is a manufacturer of international brands: “Stella Artois”, “Brahma”, “Beck's”, “Staropramen”; national brands: “Chernihivske”, “Rohan”, “Yantar”, “TALLER”.

Small businesses

Entrepreneurship continues to develop in Mykolaiv. There are more than 300 small businesses.

16. Housing and Communal Services:

In the city of Mykolaiv the Organization of Mmultifamily Housing Joint-owners is represented by 262 houses, the total area is 1037.3 thousand m2; housing associations – by 20 buildings, with total area of 79.2 thousand m2. Communal property housing comprises 3081 dwellings with 122.8 thousand apartments of total area 6327.6 thousand m2.

The population is served by more than 30 municipal (communal) enterprises.

Services for the solid waste removal are available due to the communal enterprises: “Obrii”, "Mykolaivkomuntrans" and Branch of the CE “Mykolaivkomuntrans” “Conversational service “Tsentralnyi”. 9 housing and operational enterprises provide with services of housing maintenance.

Continuous water supply in the city is provided by communal enterprise of Mykolaiv City Council "Mykolaivvodokanal", which has projects concerning the city’s water supply and sewerage network modernization. This project will allow the citizens to receive high-quality drinking water.

The state of roads in the city is diligently controlled by CE “ELU Avtodorig" and CE "Doroga ". The specialized communal enterprise serves the city light-signal objects. The outdoor lighting operation is provided by the CE “Self-supporting station of building mechanization”. Passenger transportation in the city is provided by CE "Mykolaivelektrotrans”.

Organization of citizens’ cultural and leisure activities is also in the power of the city communal enterprises. CE of MCC "Mykolaiv Parks" maintains public parks in good condition for citizens’ rest. “Mykolaiv Zoo” – is one of the favorite places for adults and children. CE of MCC “Children's Health Center “Dolphin” welcomes children for health improvement in the summer. Nutrition for little citizens in the city schools and kindergartens is provided by communal production enterprise (CPE) and CE "Mykolaiv vegetable base".

TV and broadcasting services are provided by CE “Television and Radio Broadcaster “Mart”.

Engineering services are provided by the following communal enterprises: CE of MCC “Capital building of Mykolaiv”; CE “Mykolaiv intercity bureau of technical inventory”.

17. Building activity

During 2014 the regional center companies have carried out construction works amounted 619,9 mln. UAH, or 63,7% of the total regional volume.

The priority of local authorities’ policy in a short-term period is creation of conditions for construction stabilization, promotion of the building industry, favorable investment climate creation. In the financial year the positive tendency in the development of capital investment in construction continues. The volumes of construction works increase.

The main directions of the industry development are:

  • modernization and technical re-equipment to meet the economic and energy saving requirements;
  • rational land use by optimizing the density of building;
  • completion of unfinished housing;
  • reconstruction of dwelling houses of first series, non-residential buildings, belonging to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;
  • increase of the production volume of high quality heat insulation and roofing materials, autonomous systems of engineering security, sanitary-and-technical equipment, other building materials.

The purpose of this work is to ensure the harmonious development of Mykolaiv city, especially attractive investment areas, and to create the reasons for acceleration of the urban planning, that meets international standards.

18. Social sphere

1. Education:

Totally 150 educational institutions function in the city, submitted to the Department of Education of Mykolaiv City Council. Among them: schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges, evening schools, pre-school educational institutions, out-of-school educational institutions etc.

The Teacher’s House is included in educational system of Mykolaiv.

Besides, private and departmental educational institutions function in the city.

Institutions of higher education:

Mykolaiv is the acknowledged center of higher education and science. Thousands of highly qualified specialists graduate from institutes and universities annually. These universities are well-known in Ukraine and abroad. Among them: National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov (trains specialists of modern shipbuilding professions, the degrees of the University are recognized in USA, Germany etc.), Mykolaiv National State University named after V.Sukhomlynskyi, Mykolaiv State Agrarian University, Black Sea State University named after Petro Mohyla, Southern Slavic Institute of Kiev Slavonic Studies University, Mykolaiv branch of Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, Mykolaiv educational center of Odessa National Law Academy, Mykolaiv Interregional Institute of Human Development of International University for Human Development “Ukraine”, Mykolaiv branch of the European University, Mykolaiv Polytechnic Institute.

National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov. Today it is the leading university in Ukraine, training specialists for shipbuilding and related industries and for national economy. During its 90-year history it has prepared almost 50 thousands of professionals for Ukrainian and foreign shipbuilding.image

The University provides with training for engineering and scientific personnel of high qualification - junior specialists, bachelors, and masters, the modern level of research and training of teachers, candidates and doctors.

The infrastructure of planning and research has been successfully formed and works in the University. It is based: on the scientific and advisory council of the University, the scientific and technical councils according to research areas, 15 research schools, including "Navigable abilities research and development of new types of vessels”, “Preparation and incineration of fuels”, “Pressure soldering and welding in the vacuum”, “Air conditioning and refrigerators”, “Advanced energy technologies”, “Gas-thermal coatings”. 7 branch labs and 6 scientific and technical centers, including centers of metrological certification of polimetric systems, underwater technology, energy saving and environmental safety are well-known in Ukraine and abroad.

Among the graduates of this university are many famous Ukrainian scientists and the world famous shipbuilders.

Mykolaiv National State University named after V.Sukhomlynskyi – is one of the oldest universities in southern Ukraine. It was founded in 1913 as a teacher's institute. The University comprises three institutions (pedagogical education, physical culture and sport, history and law), six faculties (economics, philology and journalism, foreign philology, psychology, mechanics and mathematics, natural) and the technical school.

imageThe considerable attention in the university is given to the research work of lecturers and students organization. The researches are carried out in cooperation with the leading scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. 18 research laboratories and centers function here successfully.

The main direction of scientific and technical activity of Mykolaiv National State University named after V.Sukhomlynskyi is the basic and applied research in humanities, natural, psychological and pedagogical, social and economic sciences.

The significant archaeological discoveries in the frames of archaeological research program of ancient monuments in the Steppe Region Pobuzhia have been made due to the university scientists.

Postgraduate course and doctoral candidacy also work here, the university has 2 specialized academic councils for candidate's dissertations defense.

The whole Ukraine is also proud of the successful athletes’ achievements from the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of Mykolaiv National State University named after V.Sukhomlynskyi.

Today Black Sea State University named after Petro Mohyla creates all the conditions for development of the young professionals of the new generation. The university has such faculties, as computer, economic, political, environmental and medical sciences, sociology and law. The university consists of three institutions: Philology, Public Administration and Postgraduate Education.

The Innovation Technology Center in the frames of the UNO project "Innovation Springboard: an invitation to cooperation" was opened at the university.

Mykolaiv State Agrarian University is the leading teaching and research institution of higher education in southern Ukraine, known as a leading center of agricultural science in the Black Sea region. For several years this university has been taking the second place in the rating among higher agricultural educational institutions. The evidence of teachers’ and students’ high scientific level - is the second place in the rating for scientific work.

Research at the university is carried out in three scientific directions: economic, agricultural and technical sciences. The university has a considerable scientific potential, which provides with the effective research on up-to-date level. The researches are carried out in laboratories with modern equipment, on the research field of educational, scientific and practical centre and also in the advanced regional enterprises.

The scientific schools of the famous scientists are opened and work in the university.

The soil-agrochemical laboratory was created by the group of highly qualified soil scientists and agro-chemists from the soil-science and agro-chemistry departments of Mykolaiv State Agrarian University. The agricultural lands agrochemical researches in the sphere of soil-science and agro-chemistry information technology are carried out here on the basis of modern achievements.

Mykolaiv State Agrarian University includes the Research Institute of Modern technologies in agricultural complex. The activities of this Institute is aimed to agriculture and agricultural sector management improvement, ensuring of industry high growth, the effectiveness of provision safety and export potential forming, implementation of modern technologies into agriculture of the southern region.

The main type of the Mykolaiv Branch of Kiev National University of Culture and Arts is training of young specialists of social and cultural sphere.

Lecturers and students carry out researches in the field of culture, arts and handicrafts of multinational population in southern Ukraine according to the comprehensive plan for ongoing research theme: "Spiritual culture of southern Ukraine. Tradition. Modernity". Scientists of the Branch participated in the Program of spiritual revival of Ukrainian and other national cultures in Mykolaiv region creation, the sociological study "Mykolaiv Folk Art Culture: historical origins and contemporary development problems" took place. Leading experts were directly involved in the work on the state program "Culture. Enlightenment. Leisure", which united efforts of scientists, practitioners of national and cultural communities to find effective ways of Ukrainian culture and minority cultures development.

The artistic and creative activity of the university branch develops fruitfully. National choir of the musical performance department is the repeated winner of the All-Ukrainian contests of choirs named after M. Leontovych and P. Demutskyi; it is one of the best choirs in Ukraine. The relatively young folk dance group “Mykolaiv” became the winner of the international and national competitions, in 2002 it received the honorary title of National and won repeatedly in the international festivals and competitions. The active work of Youth Theater "Stuk", CJI team "Balamutky” and other creative groups are well known in Ukraine.

Mykolaiv Branch of Kiev National University of Culture and Arts is a modern university, which takes the leading position in the educational services among universities of social and cultural sphere; it has its own unique appearance, impeccable reputation, good traditions and artistic achievements.

9 scientific and research institutions located in the city are involved into scientific development and development of new technologies.

2. Health protection:

The medical care in the city is provided with 32 outpatient polyclinics and 22 medical institutions, the station of blood transfusion, dental, medical centers, private offices, the number of health centers and dispensaries ("Znannia", "Dubky", "Inhul", "Pivdennyi"). The medical units operate on the base of large city’s enterprises.

The sector of private medicine as a general therapeutic and special - diagnostic, dental, drug-neurological, children's orientation develops in the city.

The main purposes in the sphere of health protection of Mykolaiv city are: average life duration increase, preventive technologies development, modern medical technologies mastering and implementation, support of the medical stuff’s high professionalism, citizens’ living standards increase. 

The further development of the initial medical attendance on a general footing – family medicine is provided. It is implemented by delimitation of the primary and secondary levels of the medical attendance provision and modernization of the existing health care city institutions. As a result of the health care system reformation there have been opened 7 Centers of the primary medicosanitary attendance with structural departments – 34 family dispensaries, that provide city citizens with the primary medicosanitary attendance.

Secondary level of medical attendance provision is provided by 5 hospitals (local hospitals № 1, 3, 4, emergency hospital, children’s hospital № 2), 3 maternity homes, 2 children’s polyclinics № 3, 4, city antitubercular dispensary, city dental polyclinic and 3 communal enterprises - dental polyclinics.     

3. Culture

Mykolaiv is the significant cultural and educational center of Southern Ukraine. Cultural facilities, which function in the city, belong to the city municipal services. Among them theaters, 4 cinemas, 4 museums, the City Cultural Center, culture houses, schools of aesthetic education, clubs, culture and recreation city parks, cultural and gaming complex "Children's Village "Kazka", and the extensive network of libraries.


  • Mykolaiv Academic Theatre of Ukrainian Drama and Musical Comedy;
  • Mykolaiv State Puppet Theatre;
  • Mykolaiv Academic Arts Russian Drama Theatre.




  • Mykolaiv Museum of Regional Ethnography;
  • Museum of “Partisan Movement in Mykolaiv Region”;
  • Museum of “Secret and Partisan Movement in Mykolaiv Region”;
  • Mykolaiv Regional Art Museum named after V.V. Vereshchahin;
  • Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet.

The city largest libraries:

  • Mykolaiv State Regional General Scientific Library named after O. Hmyriov;
  • Mykolaiv Regional Library for Youth;
  • Mykolaiv Regional Library for Children named after V. Liahin;
  • Central City Library for Adults named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi;
  • Central City Library for Children named after Sh. Kober and V. Khomenko;
  • Mykolaiv scientific and educational library.

image“Mykolaiv Zoo” is one of the best zoos in Ukraine and famous zoos in Europe, it’s the favorable place for adults’ and children’s rest.





4. Sports

The city is regarded as one of the best sports cities in Ukraine. The city has 28 sports schools, high school of physical culture of Mykolaiv, high school of physical culture of Mykolaiv region, Mykolaiv graduate school of physical culture.image

The water sports on the basis of Mykolaiv yacht club and sport complex on the Inhul River bank have received the special development in the city. Being located in 50 km from the sea coast, Mykolaiv allows the residents and visitors to spend summer vacations on the Black Sea coast.

The city has 6 stadiums, 125 gyms, 6 swimming pools, 288 playgrounds, 173 adapted rooms for sports and recreational activities, athletic arena, horse-racing base.

The swimming pools sport complex "Vodoliy" is one of the best in Ukraine, designed for water sports and leisure. Here you can see different types of pools: sport, diving, and children’s and for attractions. It became the tradition to hold there the championships of Ukraine, Ukrainian Cups, including open competitions.

5. Tourism

The tourist industry has become increasingly important for Mykolaiv economic and social development. Tourism development affects considerably on such sectors as transport, trade, communications, building, consumer goods production etc. The important factors of the tourism industry development are the national-recreational, historical, and cultural potentials.

Mykolaiv city has many historical monuments and interesting places. The city visitors will be interested in such places as: Naval Boulevard, Chess Club, monuments, museums, theaters, temples, Mykolaiv Zoo, Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory, water tower, Necropolis, Settlement "Dykyi Sad" and others. Mykolaiv with its unforgettable cozy corners and special southern nature looks like no other city of Ukraine. The Southern Buh and the Inhul rivers wash the city, adding charm to its places. Along the banks of wide Buh estuary and Inhul one can see emerald necklace of parks and gardens, beaches, water stations, rest houses, suburban houses. But they need upgrading, reconstruction and also maintenance.

Tourism development involves the use of cultural heritage and natural resources, so much attention should be paid to preserve and restore these facilities, prevent and minimize the negative impact of tourism on the environment.image

The basis for urban tourism policy must contain the following factors:

  • modernization and reconstruction of cultural heritage sites, state funding of architecture monuments, monuments of culture and history of Ukraine restoration;
  • maintenance of the natural and recreational resources in the proper state;
  • building of new, reconstruction and modernization of existing tourist facilities;
  • attraction of business capital to the tourist infrastructure development (roads, communication services, household services etc.);
  • organization of short-term rest areas, creation of new recreational areas;
  • development of new tourist routes, guided tours, new tourist product;
  • creation of favorable conditions for the active kinds of tourism (health and sports, environmental, active and other);
  • high-quality informational and reference materials edition;
  • holding in Mykolaiv the international exhibitions, fairs, festivals, contests and other activities, organization of the Mykolaiv enterprises participation in similar activities abroad to attract foreign tourists to the city;
  • training of qualified personnel in tourism.

Work in these areas will give the opportunity to create the quality tourist product, that could meet most needs of the population, arrange conditions for foreign investments attraction, promote the effective tourist exchange and city’s public image strengthening.

19. Consumer Market

The consumer market is characterized by the high level saturation of basic food and non-food products, stable supply and lack of goods deficiency.

Trade is carried out in stationary stores, markets, kiosks, on trading floors and in the form of a visiting trade.

20. City’s experience in investment attraction

According to the data of the Main Department of Statistics in Mykolaiv region the volume of direct foreign investments (capital stock), brought in the city economy by January, 1, 2014 made up 202,3 mln. USD, that ші 17,6 % more than investments volume by the beginning of 2013 (30,3 mln. USD more), and according to calculation for one person of population made up 412 USD (in general through the region – 239 USD).

1. The supermarket networks have been created: "Silpo", "Furshet", "METRO Cash & Carry", " Tavria V", "Epicenter", "33 m2", "Praktiker" and others. Also the other objects of public use have been put into operation: commercial and entertainment complex "City Center", hotel «Hotel Palace Ukraine».

2. In 2007 the bituminous concrete plant costing 2.1 million UAH was purchased.

3. In 2007 the skating-rink was opened. The object was built at the high quality level and was fully equipped with everything necessary. The rink dimensions are 28 x 56 m, the ice floor is on the pipe system. Simultaneously here may skate almost two hundred people.

4. In February 2010 “Mykolaiv biofuel plant” (Ltd.) for the production of pellets from sunflowers husk was put into operation. "Ukrainian Biofuel Company" acted as an investor. Investments amounted to about 3 million USD.

5. The pilot project "Building of the cogeneration electric power plant with capacity 2 x 630 kW in Mykolaiv on 71, Bila St.” was included to the list of the priority project proposals for heat pumps installation by the decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated on 20.05.09 No. 609-r (p. 36).

On February, 25, 2010 the gas- power plant with capacity of 1300 kW per hour and heat capacity of 1250 kW per hour was opened on the basis of boiler room on 71, Bila St., which is on balance of RCE "Mykolaivoblteploenergo”.

6. Project "Development of water supply and wastewater treatment in Mykolaiv." The total cost of the project is 31.08 million euro. On February, 1, 2010 between Ukraine and the European Investment Bank there was signed a finance agreement, which was ratified by the Law of Ukraine on 20.06.12 № 4987-VI «On Ratification of the Financial Agreement between Ukraine and the European Investment Bank (Development of water supply and wastewater treatment in Mykolaiv) and the Letter on changes moving to the Financial Agreement between Ukraine and the European Investment Bank (Development of water supply and wastewater treatment in Mykolaiv)".

According to CCE "Mykolaivvodokanal" there was the first tranche (to the special account of Exim Bank Ukraine in Kiev) in the amount of 5.0 million euros to start funding the project "Development of water supply and drainage systems in Mykolaiv." The funds will be used according to the enterprise investment program for 2015-2017 years.

7. NIBULON Ltd. continues the program of investment and innovation in the construction of modern elevators and river terminals along the Dnipro and the Southern Buh, and the construction of the powerful river fleet consisting of non-self-propelled and self-propelled river-sea vessels. Investor is NIBULON Ltd. The total cost of the program is 470 million USD.

8. As part of the joint operational program of frontier cooperation "Black Sea Basin" and the International Black Sea Club, Mykolaiv together with the municipality of the Greek city Kavala and 6 more partners have applied for the participation in  the project " Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan", which foresees the energy-saving technologies provision in the buildings of the Black Sea countries. In order to ensure effective implementation of the project on energy efficiency «Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan» Mykolaiv City Council (by decision on 22.09.2012 № 20/2) defined the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Mykolaiv City Council as the authorized body for the implementation of measures and actions, necessary for the above project realization.

The main BSBEEP objective is to strengthen administrative opportunities of local authorities and institutions in solving the problems of buildings energy efficiency, that have serious environmental and economic impacts on local and global levels.

It is expected to solve a number of problems in the frames of the project, some of which have been solved in the current year: a working group of the project has been formed, which includes representatives of the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Mykolaiv City Council and public. There have been defined the project coordinator, expert and translator, purchased material and technical means, conducted energy audit and made the project of two series of buildings 96K, prepared analysis of the main energy indices of the city. The issues of mechanisms research and opportunities of energy efficiency projects financing at the state and municipal levels are worked out, as well as long-term for the programs implementation energy intensity reduction in housing and communal services sphere. There continues the study of the most effective practices that are available, on energy efficiency in construction and building wall materials, a database of NGOs and experts working in this field have been formed. In the framework of BSBEEP on the basis of the National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov there was held an international scientific and technical conference: "Municipal energetics: problems and solutions", in which besides national scientists and practitioners participated research workers from China, Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus, with participation of the Department of Housing and Communal Services of MCC.

The cost of the project is 83 389.51 euro. The main part of the grant is funded by the Government of Romania (75 050.56 euro). Besides, co-financing from the city budget in the amount of 8 338.95 euro is provided.

The Department of Housing and Communal Services of MCC has opened the account in Raiffeisen Bank Aval in foreign currency according to the demands of the effective legislation. According to the requirements of the competition there have been completed the procedure of documents execution for grant funding transfer from the Government of Romania to the Department of Housing and Communal Services of MCC. In 2014 funding in the amount of 22500,0 euro began. The Department of Housing and Communal Services of MCC has contracted an agreement with the National University of Shipbuilding for carrying out housing power audit.

It is planned to continue to conduct energy audit and thermographic survey of the most distinctive buildings in the city; development of training programs on energy efficiency and energy management for target groups (employees of the municipality, journalists, students, and others); to develop and put into practice a number of "pilot" projects within BSBEEP in the field of energy efficiency.

Priority directions of the city development:

  • Revival of engineering industry and shipbuilding;
  • Renewal of former enterprises, upgrading of the existing ones, creation of new enterprises;
  • Modernization and development of communal and housing services;
  • Energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources implementation;
  • Implementation of innovative technologies on the city’s industrial enterprises;
  • Development of transport infrastructure (construction of road junctions, bridges, overpasses, streets widening, etc.);
  • Increase of the environmental protection level;
  • Realization of socially important investment projects for the city;
  • Development of tourism.

21. Raiting history of the city

Rating history of Mykolaiv started in 2006, when the city was first defined a long-term credit rating at uaBBB level according to the National Rating Scale, rating prediction is stable.

      During 2007-2012 years annually the city’s credit rating at uaBBB level according to the National Rating Scale has been confirmed by the independent rating agency "Credit Rating", rating prediction is stable.

      In June 2013 the city's credit rating was upgraded to uaBBB + level according to the National Rating Scale, which was confirmed in 26.06.2014, rating prediction is stable.

Borrower or a debt liability with uaBBB credit rating is characterized by a sufficient creditworthiness as compared to other Ukrainian borrowers or debt instruments. Level of creditworthiness depends on the unfavourable business, financial, and economic conditions.

The sign "+" denotes intermediate category (level) of the rating relatively to the main categories (levels).

Stable prediction indicates, that there are no reasons to change the rating during the year.


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